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Friday, October 31
By the way, for anyone who happens to be reading this, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I couldn't find a ready-made pirate costume that was cheap enough, nor could I think of what I would need to make the costume myself. I did get an eyepatch, but now I have no use for it. It was only 99 cents, though, and I'm sure I'll be abel to find something to do with it at some point. The costume I'm going to wear this year is a doctor one, which I got for a discounted price because the surgical mask was missing. It's really irritating that so many people steal parts of Halloween costumes. What would anyone want with a mask from a doctor costume, when you get right down to it? Or is it just the thrill of taking something, no matter what it is?

Thursday, October 30
Beth and I need to assemble Halloween costumes sometime soon. I'm thinking of going as a pirate this year.

It looks like I might have gotten another part-time library job, this one in circulation. I should be going in for training on Monday.

Wednesday, October 29
It bugs me when officials make cars bypass an accident scene, construction zone, or something of the sort without officially marking a detour. I realize that it takes time to set up signs and the like, but it shouldn't be assumed that everyone knows the area well enough to get where they're going.

Tuesday, October 28
I added a few items to my Amazon Listmania list. I sort of want to make a "so you'd like to" guide, so as to complete my Amazon list-creating experience (or something like that). I don't know what my subject would be, though. ("So you want to listen to the same music that Nathan listens to?")

I did this celebrity match thing, which apparently chooses matches based on birthdays. My results were:

Rebekah Hurth 100%
Laura Wilkinson 99%
Cassidy Rae 98%
Danae van Oeteren 98%
Alsou 98%

I've never heard of a single one of them.

One of the places I was going to interview tomorrow called up to cancel, saying they had already hired someone. I guess that's good to know so I don't have to go out of my way for nothing, but it's disappointing that they don't even want to talk to me.

Rod Roddy, the announcer from The Price Is Right, died recently. This is not a good year for celebrities. :(

Monday, October 27
I have two interviews in a row again on Wednesday. It should be less complicated than last Friday, though. I'm glad I'm getting interviews again. Before those last two, I hadn't had one in months.

Last night, Beth and I went on a haunted hayride at a Christmas tree farm. We went on the same one last year, and it was pretty much as we remembered it, including the skeletons peeing to the tune of "Dueling Banjos." There was an addition, though, in that we had to walk through a cornfield maze, with some springy false ground and a rickety bridge. It was fun, even if we did have to do part of it in the rain.

After we got back, we watched Beth's DVD of The Ring. I found this movie pretty scary at the theater, but it's not as much so when it's on the small screen, and you know what's going to happen. It was still fun to watch it again, though.

Sunday, October 26

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Saturday, October 25
I'm tired, but I'm having trouble sleeping. I just recently woke up from a dream where I got my oil changed. I should probably do that for real pretty soon.

Friday, October 24
Wow, Q&A NJ was certainly busy for the past two hours. It's usually pretty quiet when I log on in the afternoons.

I haven't written about Pokémon in a while. I'm sure no one cares to read about it, either, but I'll update you on my progress anyway. I've beaten all eight gym leaders, and my Charmeleon and Ivysaur have evolved ("evolved" in the Pokémon sense, anyway, not in the Darwinian manner) into a Charizard and Venusaur, respectively. I still have to get to the Pokémon league place, and I think there's something after that about finding those legendary bird Pokémon that were in the second movie. Still, I'm getting pretty close to finishing, so maybe I should start looking for another game to play when I'm done with that one.

I need to get an Internet connection for my home computer. It is possible to hook up two computers to the same ISP through the same phone line as long as you don't use them both at the same time, isn't it?

Thursday, October 23
I checked out the Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and OKGo's album from the library yesterday. This was actually my first time checking out CDs from the library. It's a pretty good deal, with no fine or anything, but most libraries seem to have a pretty sparse selection. I liked Yoshimi quite a bit. OKGo's CD had some pretty catchy songs, but wasn't all that memorable overall. That's based on only one listen, though; I'm sure to give it another chance or two, since I can keep it out for three weeks. I'm somewhat bitter toward OKGo because they're a They Might Be Giants opener that went on to become semi-famous, while really great opening bands like Lincoln and Muckafurgason broke up and disappeared. I guess that's not OKGo's fault, though.

In addition to Melody Grandy's new book, there seem to be several other interesting upcoming releases from Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends. Phyllis Ann Karr, the author of the excellent The Gardener's Boy of Oz, has apparently written something called The Hollyhock Dolls in Oz. The description doesn't really sound that great, but I know Karr is a good writer. There's also another book by the late Lin Carter, who had written Conan the Barbarian books and other sword-and-sorcery stuff I haven't read, as well as one Oz book that I HAVE read (The Tired Tailor of Oz). I thought Tired Tailor was a bit derivative of earlier Oz authors (especially Ruth Plumly Thompson), but it was a good story, and I wouldn't mind reading more by Carter.

I hate cold weather, by the way.

Wednesday, October 22
One of my search referrals was "Do Amish drink alcohol and have premarital sex?" Don't Amish kids have a period where they can decide whether or not to go on being Amish? If so, I'm sure they do plenty of drinking and having premartial sex during that period. And there are always hypocrites, like those Amish drug dealers.

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On an unrelated note, I hear Melody Grandy's third Seven Blue Mountains of Oz book is coming out soon from Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends. Unfortunately, for health reasons, Melody won't be able to finish the illustrations. I remember hearing about how she used to suffer from poltergeist-like problems, and her church convinced her to stop doing Oz-related stuff, but she later got over that. Whether this is related, I don't know. I hope it's nothing really bad. Anyway, the other two books in the trilogy were excellent, and I have high hopes for this one.

I had to give a tour of the library yesterday evening. It was only my second time doing so, and while I know where everything is, I'm very nervous when I have to address people. I probably came across as an idiot.

My dreams last night mostly seemed to be about amusement parks and roller coasters. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Beth and I are planning on going to Great Adventure this weekend. In one dream, which either took place at an amusement park or a fair, I fell asleep while waiting for a DaVinci's Notebook concert. There was also one where I went to this place that had a lot of Oz books. I think I realized that I was dreaming, and that I probably wouldn't remember anything I read. There was something about a doll in one of the books, I think.

Tuesday, October 21
Why does ask you to leave feedback on buyers? It's not like they can stiff you on payment, since they pay before you even know you've made a sale. Oh, well. I guess it's usually a good way to get some free positive feedback.

Beth and I saw that remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre last night. It was all right, but they did change a lot. One thing I noticed was quite similar to an observation Beth had made about Freddy vs. Jason when compared to the original Nightmare on Elm Street movies: the characters were less likeable. This certainly applies to the protagonists, who mostly just did drugs. I mean, they were probably drug users in the first movie, too, but they didn't smoke up on-screen, and didn't talk as much about pot. (Also, why wasn't one of the protagonists in the remake in a wheelchair?) I think this was even true of the villains, though. I didn't care for the new drunken, brutal sheriff character; he was scary in the wrong way for a horror movie. The little boy and baby-snatching women didn't seem to have much purpose. Were they trying to make Leatherface's family more PC by adding women and children, or what?

Monday, October 20
I saw two more of those Nintendo "Who are you?" ads. One of them had Mario on the Berlin Wall. The other showed a boxing match, but I couldn't figure out what the Nintendo item in the picture was. It looked like a claw holding an eyeball or something. I wonder what the purpose of that advertising campaign is.

Sunday, October 19
Last night, Beth and I went on our first (but hopefully not last) haunted hayride of the year. It was at a junkyard near her house, and it was pretty cool, but I thought it was a bit overpriced. It cost $10 for a ride that took about fifteen minutes, and quite a bit of it didn't really have anything happening. There were guys with torches and chainsaws, though, so it isn't like it was totally pathetic. I just think they should have charged less money.

Saturday, October 18
Has anyone else seen those new Nintendo ads, with the faces of Super Mario Bros. characters in weird places? The first one I saw was at the mall, with Princess Peach Toadstool's face on the Mona Lisa. Then, in Philadelphia the other day, there was one of a member of KISS with Yoshi's head.

Incidentally, for anyone who might be wondering (which is probably no one), the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom was apparently always "Peach" in Japan, but they changed her name to "Toadstool" for the American games, presumably for greater association with mushrooms. They started calling her Peach in the American games starting with Super Mario 64, so she's now officially Princess Peach Toadstool. That's what I've heard, anyway.

Friday, October 17
I went to my second interview, which was in Glenside. After that, I ended up getting lost in North Philadelphia, right around when the schools were letting out. I got through there all right, but I ended up being an hour late signing on to Q&A NJ, which sucks.

On a totally unrelated note, here's a list of albums released this year that I wouldn't mind hearing:

Belle and Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Cracker: Countrysides
Minus Five: Whatever that new one is
Andy Partridge: Fuzzy Warbles, Volumes 3 and 4
Liz Phair: Self-titled

One interview down, and one to go.

Thursday, October 16
Ugh. I'm tired, and I have two job interviews tomorrow. Right now, I wish I could cancel one of them, but it would be short notice, and they probably wouldn't want to reschedule. I hope I'll be okay after I get some sleep. After the second interview, I have to hurry over to Beth's house to do Q&A NJ. I'm not looking forward to it.

I'm sure most people reading this blog don't care about Oz-related stuff, and I usually don't say that much about it here, but I'm going to now. If you don't like it, you can always skip this entry. I've been doing some newsgroup searches for stuff related to the Oz books, and I've noticed a tendency of casual Oz fans to dislike the books written by Ruth Plumly Thompson, who continued the series after L. Frank Baum died. I know some people argue that Baum, as the creator of the series, should have been the only one to write books about it, and while I can see some merit in that argument, I can't say I agree with it. Thompson really doesn't deviate all that much from Baum's conception of Oz, after all; she just adds her own elements to it.

Someone on the rec.arts.sf.written newsgroup claims that most of Thompson's books are "[i]cky-cute twee travelogues," in which "characters go from icky-cute place to icky-cute place" and "nothing happens." He also insists that they have an "icky-sweet singsong authorial voice." I really feel that this is being a bit harsh. This same person thinks that The Land of Oz indicates that the Wizard of Oz had had Ozma's father Pastoria killed, which I suppose is a POSSIBILITY based on what appears in that book (and if you don't accept Thompson's The Lost King of Oz), but quite a bit of a stretch, especially considering that Ozma welcomes the Wizard back to Oz to live later on. Actually, this person and others of his type seem to be drawn toward the darker side of Oz, claiming that such scenes as Princess Langwidere changing her heads and the Tin Woodman having a conversation with HIS old head are disturbing and nightmarish. I suppose I can sort of see that, but I never really thought that way when I first read the books. Since Baum's publicists claim that none of his books ever sent children to bed with troubled dreams, perhaps I'm actually in the majority here.

Sometimes I wonder whether people who criticize Thompson confuse her actual stories with her promotional material for the series, which does tend to be geared toward young children, with a "Hey, boys and girls, do you believe in Oz?" tone to it. Then again, it's unlikely that casual fans would have seen much, if any, of this material. Some people also complain about the racial stereotypes, like the Chinese-based Silver Island in The Royal Book of Oz, or the bad-tempered pseudo-Arabs of kingdoms like Mudge and Samandra. While this is certainly a valid criticism in this day and age, the books do reflect the time in which they were written, and, unfortunately, racism was more common back then. It's not like Baum's work was free from this kind of stuff, or that either Baum or Thompson was as bad as other material from the period. There are also those who seem somewhat contradictory, in that they complain that Thompson never allowed the Oz characters to change, and then complain even more when she DOES change someone.

I seem to recall someone, who might or might not have been Peter Glassman of Books of Wonder, saying that people who like the Thompson books and consider them to be "official" are usually those who read them when they were fairly young. People who first read the Thompson books as adults tend not to like them as much. Since a Thompson book was actually the fourth Oz book I ever read, and this was when I was eleven years old, I came to see her books as equally valid and almost as good as Baum, if not better in some respects. It's true that there are large portions of her books in which the protagonists escape from villages filled with weird beings who want to keep the heroes as prisoners, but some of these villages are really pretty clever. Her villains tend to have a comical side, but they are still undoubtedly villainous. Some Oz fans have claimed that Mooj, the villain in Ojo in Oz, is one of the scariest in the series. And while Baum's dialogue was probably slightly deeper and more philosophical than Thompson's, the later author's characters seemed (to me, at least) to have somewhat more realistic conversations. I guess it all boils down to personal taste; Baum and Thompson each had some great strengths and some annoying weaknesses as writers.

Wow, that's a long entry, and probably no one will even read it. Oh, well.

Wednesday, October 15
This was apparently released yesterday, but Amazon doesn't even say what's on it, so I don't know whether it's something I want (although it probably is). They still don't have the tracks for the new Cracker album listed, either. I wonder why they've been so lazy as of late.

I've been trying to find an employment agency. One place I called said that they would only help someone find work in a field for which they had a year of previous experience. I'm sure this is useful for some people, but I probably wouldn't be going to an employment agency if such were the case for me.

Tuesday, October 14
There's a discussion on the Frank Black forum about musicians talking in between songs at concerts, spawned by a post from Frank himself about how he chooses not to say much on stage. Personally, I like it when performers talk. Actually, when I saw Frank in Philadelphia, he pretty much stuck to songs during the actual show, but it was preceded by an in-store where he DID talk quite a bit, and I thought the explanations of "All My Ghosts" and "Bullet" (two of my favorite Frank songs) were excellent. I've never understood the attitude of hecklers who yell, "SHUT UP AND PLAY A SONG!" or the like at concerts. The banter can often be the most memorable part of a show for me, be it information about the songs, John Flansburgh commenting on the garbage bag taped to the ceiling of the Stone Pony, David Lowery making fun of Creed, or whatever. I think this is especially true when you've seen an artist multiple times, since the talking tends to change more often than the songs do.

This is a pretty busy day for me. I volunteered this morning, and now I'm at work. Neither one is all that difficult, really, but I'll probably be tired after this.

This year's Simpsons Halloween Special isn't airing until after Halloween, which just doesn't seem appropriate. I can remember a time when the season actually started BEFORE November. Stupid sports.

Speaking of TV and stupidity, Beth I were watching MTV or some similar channel last night, and there was a commercial for some show about two girls who live fairly normal lives, but are really rich. What an idiotic concept. The same channel previewed some show about a girls' camp, and there was some character who was either a guy with a girl's voice or a very masculine-looking woman. We couldn't tell. If I may offer MTV some highly unoriginal but still valid advice, go back to showing music videos, okay?

Monday, October 13

Is it just me, or is the concept of pornographic Oz pictures a rather disturbing one? Oz fandom and sexual frustration are a dangerous mix.

I forgot today was Columbus Day, and didn't realize that the post office would be closed until I actually got there. Oh, well. It's not like it was really far out of my way. I'll just have to mail my old textbook tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12
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You know, I think I like regular cheddar Goldfish better than these "flavor blasted" ones.

I watched This Is Spinal Tap and about half of Citizen Kane yesterday. I'll probably watch the rest of Kane tonight, or sometime soon. No, I hadn't seen those movies before. Yes, I am largely culturally illiterate.

Saturday, October 11
Isn't it great when you get spam mail, and the "from" line is actually the beginning of the subject line? Isn't that SO clever of those spammers? :p

They Might Be Giants provided this information regarding their new children's book:

This full color, 48 page hardcover book illustrates 4 original
They Might Be Giants recordings on the CD included. The songs
are "Impossible" (with Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser singing the "Octofish"
role), "Happy Doesn't Have to Have an Ending" (with a short rap ode
to Peter Tork), "Idlewild" (that's a state of mind), and a radical
reworking of "Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed" into a lullaby featuring
Kimya Dawson of New York anti-folk legends the Moldy Peaches,
as well as Dan "The Machine" Levine holding it down on the tuba.

Sounds pretty cool, A "rap ode to Peter Tork"? I wonder what that's going to be like. Another Robin appearance will be cool.

I found Surf in the Safari Zone, as well as the Warden's gold teeth.

Friday, October 10
There's a pizza place in my area that is cafeteria style until 4:00, and has waitress service after that. Today, I managed to make it there before 4. That's not all that exciting, but I was glad I did.

At Borders today, I heard the New Pornographers' "Ballad Of A Comeback Kid" over the intercom. That was pretty cool, even though it isn't one of my favorite songs of theirs. I tried to listen to the new Cracker and Belle and Sebastian albums, but they weren't in their CD database. I wonder how long it takes for them to put new CDs in there. I was able to sample them at Barnes and Noble, and they seemed like good records. The B&S one strikes me as somewhat more upbeat than a lot of their older stuff that I've heard. I think I saw some review that said that Cracker's Countrysides was an album of covers, but I don't really know whether that's true or not. It's good that a lot of bands I like seem to be releasing albums this year. I'll have to remember to listen to Beth's copies of the new Blur and Sloan albums.

I had a dream that the brakes in my car didn't work, and an Oz-related one in which I wrote about how the Scarecrow and his servants had to stay at the Tin Woodman's castle while the Scarecrow's own home was being fumigated. I think the Patchwork Girl was staying there as well, and there was some hint of a relationship between her and the Scarecrow. Actually, there's a book called The Patchwork Bride of Oz, in which they get married, but a lot of Oz fans don't care for it. I've never read it, personally. Oh, and there was also a dream where I found some Frank Black EPs at a store (possibly Best Buy) and was debating buying them, but I hadn't quite made up my mind before I woke up.

Thursday, October 9
Beth and I went to the King of Prussia Mall last night, and ate at Bennigan's. I really don't have much to say about the trip beyond that, though. I will say that FYE charges WAY too much for CDs, though. I remember hearing about some music company that was planning on lowering their prices. Is that ever actually going to happen? If it does, will it even affect anything I might want to buy?

Wednesday, October 8
Why is it apparently so hard for some people to return phone calls? For instance, I called Borders in Philadelphia the other day, regarding the They Might Be Giants in-store next month. I want to know when it is, so Beth and I can plan how best to go to both that and the Belle and Sebastian concert on the same night. Anyway, the guy I talked to told me to call the special events lady during the day, and she was very good about returning phone calls. I called yesterday at around 1:30, and she still hasn't returned the call. Of course, it's possible that this is my fault, and I forgot to leave my number or something, but it's still irritating. She's apparently out of the office today, and will be back around 2 tomorrow afternoon, so I guess I'll try calling again then.

I volunteered at WHYY today, putting labels on envelopes. I'd say it was a worthwhile way to pass three hours.

Tuesday, October 7
What is it with people who identify themselves as bisexual when they're already in a relationship? I mean, really, what's the advantage? So your partner will be aware that you could cheat with someone of either gender?

There's apparently a new Cracker album out either today or next week (the Cracker website and Amazon don't seem to agree on this). I don't know what to think of some of the titles, though (specifically tracks 3 and 9). I might have to hear some samples before buying this. I still want the rest of their previous albums, though.

Speaking of music, I was recommended this by Amazon. There's some weird country cover of XTC's "Complicated Game" on it. Neko Case and Kelly Hogan both contribute tracks to the CD. Beth, have you heard of this?

Monday, October 6
Apparently this work computer doesn't want me to read my AOL mail.

I don't have much to say right now. I'm at work, and I was just updating our copies of the New Jersey Administrative Code. The people who send the updates had given us three copies of the exact same thing for some reason. In Pokémon Yellow, I have to find the item that lets my Pokémon learn Surf. It's hidden somewhere in the Safari Zone, and I haven't found it yet.

Sunday, October 5
It bugs me when people complain that "reality TV" isn't realistic. I guess it's mostly the fault of the name, which is kind of silly, when you get right down to it. I mean, I guess that name fits for stuff like The Osbournes, but shows like Survivor, American Idol, Joe Millionaire, The Bachelor, etc. are essentially really long-running and time-consuming game shows.

On Everyone's Connected, the drop-down menu for birth years goes from 1903 to 1986. I guess it's possible that they don't want little kids signing up (although I'm not really sure why not), but what about all those poor people who are over 100 and want to join? :P Seriously, though, I wonder why they don't just let you type it in.

Someone needs to send me some e-mail. I hardly got anything today, aside from stuff from the mailing list I'm on for Q&A NJ.

I think that copy of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion that I checked out from the library is now a day overdue. I intended to return it yesterday, and there's a library where I can return it right near my house, but I forgot. I didn't really get that far in it anyway, but I do want to finish it. It did take me three or four years to finish reading all of Lord of the Rings. I like Tolkien, but I don't LOVE Tolkien. I admire the fact that he essentially created an entire fantasy world, but his works just aren't as much fun for me to read as Oz or Harry Potter or Narnia (which reminds me that I should probably re-read those books soon; it's been a while). I've heard of people who would re-read the entire LotR trilogy every year. I just don't think I could do that.

Saturday, October 4
I beat Erika, and saved the Silph Company Headquarters from Team Rocket. I think I was lucky in getting through the headquarters; there's some kind of transporter maze, but I was able to find everything I needed pretty quickly. For anyone who cared about the word "American" being used to describe Lieutenant Surge (which is probably no one), a Silph scientist says that the company's Tiksi Branch is in "Russian no-man's land." This reminds me of the part in Chrono Trigger where Dalton says, "Houston, we have lift-off."

Friday, October 3
Someone found my blog through Google by searching for "I hate having hiccups." This blog was the first search result.

I've gotten to a point in Pokémon Yellow where there seem to be quite a few different things to do. I just woke up and captured a sleeping Snorlax, and I still have to beat Erika, the trainer at the gym in Celadon City. I think I might check a walkthrough to see if there's anything I've forgotten. (I'm sure there's plenty.)

Thursday, October 2
Okay, here's something else, although I can't promise it will be any more interesting than that dream. I sold an old college textbook through, but there were no regular padded envelopes at the post office, and the drugstore was sold out. So I ended up sending it in some red striped Christmas envelope. I think the same basic thing happened last year.

I had a dream last night that I was talking to some guy I met over the Internet on the phone, and he turned out to be incredibly homophobic. How we even got on that topic in the first place I don't remember, but we got into a big argument about it, and he got really mad.

I wish I could think of something better to blog about than stupid dreams I had.

Wednesday, October 1
It looks like this computer actually WILL let me access those things, as long as I go on through AOL and not Internet Explorer. It doesn't make much sense, but oh well. I've applied for a few jobs, and I'll try to find some more tomorrow. I want to start making this a daily thing; I've been a bit lax about searching for work as of late, and I really do need a job.

I'm trying to use my sister's computer to apply for jobs, but I can't get it to download my résumé from my e-mail, or to load a job-searching site I want to look at. I guess I'll do this stuff from the library tomorrow.

I wasn't originally going to do the numbered list thing, but I thought of more to blog than I thought I would. Don't worry; none of it is actually interesting.

1. I still haven't found a full-time job. I really think everyone in the country should be guaranteed a job doing something they don't hate, and that pays a living wage. I don't know how feasible this really is, but even if it IS entirely possible, I'm sure the rich Republican types would object to it.
2. I beat Lieutenant Surge in Pokémon Yellow. He actually only had one Pokémon, Raichu.
3. A few days ago, Beth and I listened to sound clips from the soundtrack to Movin' Out (the musical based on Billy Joel songs) on Amazon. They sounded almost exactly like the original Billy Joel recordings, but without Billy singing. When I think of a song being adapted for a musical, I generally think of it being made into a big, flashy, pompous number. I really don't see why anyone would want to buy the soundtrack, since it seems to just be subpar versions of what you can get on Billy's actual albums.
4. I just got a new car power adapter for my portable CD player a few weeks ago, and it's already started malfunctioning. It'll be playing a CD, and then just stop and lose power for no apparent reason. That's what my last one would do before it stopped working entirely. I wonder whether it's the wires or something else. Regardless, if I have to keep buying a new one every month or so, I might just have to knuckle under and buy a real car CD player. I wonder how much they cost. Would it be cheaper just to record the CDs I want to hear in the car to cassettes?